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ExCo WA provides a specialised service for the fast and efficient quotation of Exposed Concrete in Perth, Western Australia.

We have a long history in creating the perfect finish for your outside environment. Whether it be an alfresco or courtyard, or a concrete driveway in Perth, We understand that your needs are specific and we seek to provide a customised solution for your next project.

With a range of benefits to both design and maintenance, ExCo WA is your one stop shop for exposed aggregate concrete in Perth. We provide a complete service to install beautiful decorative concrete products, ensuring your landscape is complete.

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Why exposed

Exposed aggregate concrete has a number of benefits over traditional paving. It completely removes the problem of unsightly weeds and irritating ant nests.

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Our suppliers have spent many working hours ensuring that they provide us with only first class concrete products that will stand the test of time, with the highest regard to long lasting appeal and timeless quality.

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Product Styles

Speak with us about the perfect style and finish for your project. We understand that your needs are specific and we seek to provide a customised concrete solution for you.

Our Service

Our Service

Learn about ExCo WA's service and quality process. See our range of exposed concrete styles.

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